Scott's stainless steel oil filter for WR450


how much oil do you think a KTM 520 RFS holds? Like I said before this can be debated for ever and nothing useful ever come from it. But, what I can tell you is that I have been using the SS filters in my KTM for over a year with zero problems. I know others who have been using them for more than two years in the same bike. Some much longer than two years. KTM recommends an engine overhall after 45 hours. Retired Senior has raced his KTM for over two years using SS filters and has not even had the head off.

Once you get the information from Yamaha about the oil pressure, and properties of their paper filter then we can start doing a side by side comparison with the SS. Until then, I am still waiting for my bike to break as a result of using the SS filters.



I did notice that the Scotts SS filter I put in my 01 WR426 only has a rubber gasket on one end instead of both ends like the stock filter. They both measured the same length so I am trusting Scotts engeneering Dept. Any comments are welcome........



The SS filters for the KTM don't have rubber on the back side either. I did notice that the cover plate compresses against the filter when it is tightened down. This has not been a problem on my KTM. Personally, I wouldn't take anything on blind faith. I'll try to get a phone number or email address for you so you can contact the manufacturer of the SS filters directly with your questions.


If I had a sponsor paying me to use their filters, or I didn't have time to clean ss filters, I'd use paper and save myself the hassle. For race teams the cost isn't an issue. But since I pay for them myself and I have plenty of time to clean an SS filter, I'll continue to use them. I've had nothing but good results with them. As far as the flow goes, the article I wrote about earlier pretty much said that the flow of the SS filter was within limits for the bike tested. I challenge you to find a product made by any manufacturer that won't have passionate responses both pro and con. Fortunately, this just happens to be one of those products that only promises to perform a function thats, at the very worst, as good as the stock part. The only real benefit is that you don't have to run out and buy a new filter every time you change your oil. The easier the task, the more often it's performed. More oil changes=longer life for your scoot.

yamaha changed to paper filters to also save weight. It' s not alot but the engineers shaved a lot of grams which turned into a few pounds off the YZ motor which is still first generation and six years old.

Actually its the same filter for, TT250R, WR250F, WR426F, YZ250F, YZ400F, YZ426F, and YMF 350/400 quads.

:) The filter is different (and has a different part #) in the 03' WR450, however you can use either in all the models you listed including the 03' WR450. They are the exact same size. Personally, I'm thinking of using the paper filter in my 02' WR426 as paper seems to work better. $11.66 a pop is inexspensive (and I get an employee discount so I'll pay less than that)...............db :D

:D Your right . Wrong choice of words. I was responding to Superbikes question " Does the 426 filter work in the 450" So I quoted want it says on the box.


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