wr450 Australian model v others...

just wondering if there are any aussie wr's on here?

if so how many k's done on the bike and are there any reported problems with them?

been waiting a long time for this bike all the talk of these problems in the states is scaring me a little....

how about wr's for other parts of the world? any problems <font color="white">

not a 450, but just as good in my opinion... a 426 with the 450 cam... all the bugs were worked out of the 2002 models, it is just the cam that I wanted from the 450... the cam kind of makes the electric leg obsolete...

I have my bike just how I like it... I know I waited long enough for my 2002 model...

Good luck with your 450... I think you should look at some of the issues the guys are having like woodruff keys... these are the same between all countries...


We get the same spec bikes as you guys and we know of no problems here!

I ve only done about 300ks of which 120 was a short race

I've recived mine past friday (done 160 km since), no problems apart from a flat rear tire.

I have had mine for a week, what a weapon. Man the Israeli's better watch out cause the Marines could use it to roost Saddam :D

So far only problem has been broken headlight and bent brake lever. (Hmmmmm, probably not a design fault) :)

Oh well, gotta ride em like you stole em I reacon. :D

This bike is the absolute holy grail of bikes, fast, light and just amazing smooth power.


thanks you guys, can't wait to get one!!!! i spoke to the yamaha rep here in oz and he tells me that yamaha is aware of the problems in the U.S thats why the production of the bikes was stopped until the problems were rectafied.

thats why there was a delay in the release date for us.

they have only been for sale for about 2 weeks now...

good to hear that there is no problems with our spec bikes as yet...

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