woodruff key failure only a U.S thing?

Has anyone outside of the United States have a woodruff key sheer ?

Not that I know of

"Touch Wood"

Hi all,

I'm not sure, i haven't heared of a failure here in holland, but then again guess not many have been sold till recent.

I have ordered one, comming in May (according to dealer) so i'm following these woodruffkey posts with a lot of attention.

Reading your mail triggert me to take some action (finaly!) and called the dutch Yamaha headoffice.

Told the guy off this problem being adressed in the US and he proptly replied "long gone taken care of"

I was quite stunned after reading all things posted here (even recently) and asked him "what was wrong?".

The reply was replaced the "spie" (dutch), it is the small piece of iron that falls in the sleeve of the axe and sould hold the flywheel (own translation ).

I have red a lot of postings and no one mentioned this piece also the FCO doesn't say anything about it.

Does it even exist, is it one the european bikes but not on yours??????

I must say my wories are not gone at all. As long as i read these massages about failures and don't hear one consistent solution i keep my doubts.

Can't believe how Yamaha is handling this, no explanation to the public, a long time befor you guys got an FCO and now this remark i got from the Yamaha headoffice here in holland that say's something else???

By the way, great forum, great tips and modifications

Hope to contribute some more soon to this forum.


Hi roos

I've orderd mine to in Februari and i've been waiting to, I hope to get it within two weeks. Did Yamaha Nederland told to you when you get your WR in May?? First week of May, second week....??

Hope to hear from you.

P.s. I find this forum real GREAT !!!!

Greetings from Holland

I think the spie would be another name (foreign) for what we call the woodruf key. At that it could make sense as to what the problem is.

Just heard from my dealer in Calgary, Alberta , Canada.

He has 2 wr450,s in the shop now with sheared keys. Both with less than 20km(12miles) on them. He said to bring mine in asap. I have only 12km's on it (still runs). Yamaha says they will fix it only if it fails, but he will do the repair, which is just to retorque the nut and loctite it. Apparantly our Canadian bikes are affected.

I've known of this concern for months because of this forum, but Yamaha Canada told my dealer the Canadian bikes were not affected. KEEP UP THE GREAT DISCUSSIONS GUYS!

my key sheared last monday after 300 km of ice riding.

the dealer picked up my bike on wednesday and will be

ready on friday. they painted the parts and noticed that

the lap was only touching in two places. the race team

mechanic laped the parts to a perfect taper fit and told

me chances are it will NEVER shear again .

Hey bigd1, my dealer did repair for me without failure. They just called Yamaha and told them the rotor nut kept loosening up. :)

foursmoke..my dealer said he would do the repair..what did your dealer do..just retorque and loctite? He said he would cover the fix even if yamaha denied the claim.

Hi Huho,

Nice to meet another dutch on this forum.

I also ordered mine in Feb. the dealer, motoport Echt, said it would be here half May.

Can't wait to ride it but still have a lot of concerns about the woodruff key it must be the same thing we call "spie".

I looked for the translation of woodruff but it didn't make sence what the dictionary said.

But rereading the posts it must be it, for a moment i thought it was a funny name for the bold, feel a bit a dummy now!

Dit you hear something from your dealer or someone else about this issue in holland?

In the German forum there is simply not one post on it. Can't believe it just occurse in the VS and Canada only?

But then again not many have been sold till now in Europe.

By the way i am from Eindhoven and still looking for some buddy's to ride with were you from?



Hi John,

The Woodruff key is indead what we call a spie, I hope the euro bikes don't have this problem!!!

When I'm right, my bike schould be in by the first or second week of April ( and I realy hope so!!)

Do you know if there is any WR450 in Holland?? I read the bikes are already in Spain, France, Austria, UK en Sweden, why not in Holland, DAMNED !!!!

As soon I hear somthing form my bike I post it down here.

Whis you luck with youre bike!!!!



I life in the Achterhoek, near Winterswijk!

Hoi Roy en John, check personal mail

I'm getting my WR450 tomorrow, I'll ask my dealer about the "woodruff key"

My buddy 03tumbleweed took his out after about 80 miles. Dealer check torque before we rolled it out the door. His is Canadian.

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