ima tank question

I have a 98 yz400f, I need a larger tank, and am thinking the ims, I have a procircuit header pipe, the larger diameter one, will it fit?

Yes it will fit.

I have a '98 YZ400f with a Clarke tank fitted. I also have a large diameter header pipe, the Clarke tank fits without any interference. The tank has been fitted for approx 12 months now, no problems at all.

This is another option to consider.

I owned a drz400 a couple of years ago and I bought a clarke tank and hated it so I bought a ims, the difference was the clarke was soft, it would colapse under my knees while the ims wouldnt, also the ims does not seem so high at the cap, the Clarke seemed to want to castrate me, this is solely why I am leaning twords the ims.

I have not had any issues with my Clarke tank being soft. Nor have I felt 'exposed' by the shape of the tank. The shape is in fact similar to the tank on the WR400F. The Tank also fits down over the side of the engine which helps keep the centre of gravity low, probably about the same as the standard tank.

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