How does your '99 wr400 FMF Q4 look?

I just had delivered a FMF Q4 muffler from an online seller, and i am afraid they might be pulling a fast one on me.

Does anyone here have one on their 1999 wr400? how does it look and mount up? mine does not have the alloy mounting tab at the top of the can, but instead mounts using a band around the can. Also, the instructions that came with it say "installation for the Q2". It has stickers on it that say Q4, but those can easily be stuck onto any can. it has a visible spark arrestor in the end cap.

did i get a Q2 or a Q4?


If you are looking into the end of the silencer is it a cone shaped screen style sparky. I know the Q and I think the Q2 had turbine core. Also the Q and Q@ had the logo's riveted on. Maybe you can feel areound for some holes under the sticker. I can't say for sure about the band mount. My Q4 is for a 03+ but it is on a 02 and it has the aluminum tab attached to the can.

They've just re-badged a Q2 and trying to pass it off as a Q4 :worthy:. Here is a vid of what I'm talkin' about

This is what the Q4 is supposed to look like

Finally got the pics online. here is how mine looks. Is this a Q4 or Q2? No Mounting tab, no tapered section from pipe to can, but the engraved part number 044291 is for a Q4. I bought it from AfterburnerMX. I will call FMF monday morning and get the final word.






The end cap looks like the end of my Q4. My quess is that FMF did not make any major changes to the Q4 for 2002 and older models. I just don't know for sure if the Q2 used the same end cap and your's was rebadged. Most mfg's only published photos will only show the newest style for current model years. If you want the most current look, you can make a 03-05 Q4 fit, just takes a little work.



Well, just called FMF, and they told me to look at the engraved part number, which indeed matched the part # for the 1999 WR400 Q4 slip on. Tech support said the design was different because it is an old bike. They were not interested in looking at the pics of mine.

So, i guess it's a real Q4. I can't imagine the seller replacing the pipe on a Q2 with another one and engraving the part number to a Q4 on it, that seems like it would be too much work. My bet is that it is basically a Q2 that FMF didn't want to spend the $$$ on redesigning so maybe they reconfigured the internal baffles a little and left the rest alone. They did mention that the Q2 had a gold can and the Q4 was silver, which mine is. Takes money to redesign and re-tool and they figured they would only sell a handfull of these, and it seems like i bought the only one!

Time to mount it and ride it! Gotta go do some stealth riding on an abandoned golf course on Maui!

So as far as i can tell, the pipe is the real deal.

So i installed the Q4, pretty straight forward. i ended up not using the aluminum spacer that goes between the subframe and the mounting band, because it fit better that way.

i have ridden it once, and i can say i am not that impressed with the sound level, i thought it would be quieter. and this is compared to a stock yz426 straight through exhaust i was running. the power is good, seems to be smoothed out alot.

i guess my expectations were high for it, i was hoping it would sound more like the stock wr400 with the pea shooter installed.

anyone ever adapt a down turn fitting to the outlet of this pipe? that would probably make it close to silent for those a few hundred feet away. if i figure it out, i will report.

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