MX Pre-Printed Backgrounds

Put my "DeCal Works" pre-printed background on last night. DeCal installation on the WR450 is a real pain. :) It took about 15 min on the left side :D, 5 min on the front YZ number plate :D and 2 hours on the right side number plate. :D They look great, but I will advise everyone to send your plates to "DeCal Works" and let them put them on. I had to cut the right side DeCal in three places to get the wrinkles out. It looks OK but you can still see the seem up close. It is not "DeCal Works" fault, but the d?&*m plate is so curved :D I'll take pictures tonight and post tomorrow.

BTW, the directions tell YZ & WR owners to take your time.

Talk about great people to deal with! I wrote DeCal Works to tell them about the same thing I mentioned in my opening statement and they wrote me back to say:

"You are 100% correct..

If you get time send us your RH plate, we will make and mount a new one for you. (N/C) You just pay UPS both ways.

The WR is a real pain! :)

DeCal Works

2021 Johnson Ct

Kingston IL 60145


Got my plate back from DeCal Works and it looks great. :D If you guys buy their # plate backgrounds, you need to let them put them on, mine are perfect. It is worth the extra expence to send them your plates, take my word on that. I wish I new how they did it. :)

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