Oil Change and Overheating!

I just bought a 2001 WR426. This is my first four stroke. I just changed my oil for the first time and noticed when I pulled out the oil filter there was a lot of metal chips or possibly clutch particles. They were pretty small chips. Does any one else notice this when changing your oil filter? Also how often do you change the filter and clean the Frame Strainer? I didn't touch the frame strainer on this change.

The second part of my question is when you let your bike idle stationary for 10 minutes should it get hot and fill the overflow tank and make gurgling noises at the radiator or is there something wrong with my bike? I just rode it for the first time last weekend and had to use it to tow my buddy on his WR400 up and down hills on the Lake Pleasant to Crown king ride in AZ because he broke his case 8 miles from Crown King. The bike seemed to be fine during the towing but I did notice when going slow it was hot around the legs but no overheating or pinging of any kind. The fist part of my question may be clutch particles because I did have to slide the clutch often. Any input from WR owners would be great. Thanks


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The metal in the filter is normal. Most people here will say do a search, there is info about that exact question.

If you let the bike idle too long, It will tend to overheat like you explained,especially if you have been riding hard prior to stoping.

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Flying, are you for real???

A radiator doesn't work unless air passes through the fins, why do you think you have a fan on your car? If you let the bike idle there is no air passing through the radiator thereby causing the bike to overheat. Geese, I thought my g/f was dim about mechanical stuff.

Flying, as yznvegas painfully pointed out it is normal to overheat these bikes if they are just idling. It is also normal to feel a lot of heat from the header. Start your bike at night and warm it up in a dark garage then look at the header. You will see it turn a nice glowing red.

Solution? A lot of people use Water Wetter to reduce the prevalence of overheating. Otherwise, don't idle your bike for 10 minutes!

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