WR Tank on a YZF


Can somebody tell me if a tank from a 2007 WR (first year aluminum frame for the WR) will bolt right on to a 2006 YZ (first year aluminum frame for the YZ)? Do I need to change the shrouds and/or the seat? Or will it just not even fit?

I'm hoping I can bolt it on without having to change any of the hardware (shrouds and tank).



The WR tank and shrouds are different but the mounting position is the same. If you put a WR tank on a YZ you would have to use the WR shouds and you may want to change the petcock since it is different also.

Does anyone know what is different about the WR shrouds, or if YZ shrouds could be modded to fit the WR tank? I'd hate to lose my graphics if I could help it.

WR shrouds are not as tall as the YZ's are.

I put a WR tank on my 07. The YZ shrouds are different and you will need the WR shrouds to do it right. My WR tank came several days before the WR shrouds did. I was able to mount the YZ shrouds on the WR tank with 3 of the 4 mounting bolts. It didn't fit quite right, but it worked in a pinch for me. I wouldn't recomend using the YZ shrouds on the WR tank as a long term solution though.

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