Quick Conditions Update Needed **MOAB**

Spur of the moment, decided I'll head out there tomorrow night as long as the conditions are good. Anyone know if there is any snow?? Sounds like weather is suppsed to be 50's and 60's. Just don't want to drive 6 hours to sleep in the snow.......

Thanks guys...

Dodger :D:)

My boss just got back from Moab on Sunday. No snow. She had pictures yesterday of Poison Spider and Metal Masher. Beautiful! I went in February; I've got to get down there again. Have fun! It should be very nice.

Thanks Scary, weather looks to be good, so I'm psyched.

Especially since it's snowing sidways here right now :).........


Dodger :D :D


Go to http://www.moab-utah.com ....looks like mid to high 50's for the weekend and high 60's to low 70's into early next week.

Have fun!

We just got back from Moab this past Monday night. Weather and conditions were PERFECT! A little chilly if you camp. We stayed at the Best Inn (hot tub, pool, breakfast, cheap).

We did Slickrock, Fins n' Things, Gemini Bridges and Metal Masher, Behind the Rocks, Cane Creek/Hurrah Pass, and the baddest place ever= White Sand Dunes. The dunes are amazing. Ranch Exit #173, 7 miles west of 191 (Moab exit), and 6-10 miles south on the dirt road. Park at the end of the road.

The dunes are sic and there's a BUNCH of slichrock behind the dunes.

It was raining when we left so the terrain should be nice and tacky.

Have fun!

Hopefully the weather will hold up for you. It has been snowing here in Salt Lake City for the past two days. 1-3 in the benches and over a foot in the mountains. Have fun!!..............db

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