06model running poorly ... all of a sudden

My 06 model has been running poorly.

She feels like starving when idling, bogs like crazy and when cold.

This just happened all of a sudden. However I did suspect it could be water in the fuel... Ive just hit reserve and the bike seems to idle better.

Now ive come to a couple of conclusions

The bike backfires (pops) down long hills

Does not idle well.

Seems to bog more then usual.

So here is what i thought

Faulty AIS Diaphrame (bike running lean)

Water in Fuel (bike not idling and performing poorly)

Valve clearances.

Any ideas?

Though of running my tank dry and getting fuel from another station...

before i rip the head open to inspect.

I think you are on the right track.

- drain all fuel

- drain float bowl

- inspect pilot jet- probably partially clogged

- clean (replace?) jet

- add fuel and start

I would start by making sure air filter is clean and not clogged. If filter is clean,remove carb an do a thurough cleaning. Make sure all jets are clean and not plugged.

I cleaned the airfilter and re-oiled it. I honnestly thought that was the problem.

But now it seems the bike runs better on Reserve then on the Main setting... Idles better and so on... could I be imagining things?

Fresh oil this afternoon. So thats taken care of.

Pull the petcock and verify that the screen is clear of debris.

Thanx ill give it a go!!!

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