Bringin' Home the Hardware!

Races last weekend at Eddieville, which is a track located near Goldendale, Wa., which is on the border of Washington and Oregon states. Beautiful area, and the track was superb! Nice loamy track, groomed, and fast. This was my 4th race that I have entered, and it was my first placing, so I have to show it all off. Here is a cornering picture from the course:


Now I am getting a little air...


Lookin' like I might be reeling somebody in...


And here is the glory! 4th place in the 4-Stroke Amateur class...


If you ever get the chance to ride at Eddieville, take it! I am still grinning ear to ear!

Congrats!! That dirt looks sick, I bet done already flew up in there. :)


Congrats dude! You'll be hungry for more now. :)

Man, looking at those pics makes me want to come up there and ride so bad.

Wheres the trees!!!???

I didnt see a single tree in any one of those pics!?

I dont think I would know how to ride (not that I do) if I wasnt dodging a tree every now and then. lol

BTW: Good lookin pics!

Brandon you did that with Photo Shop no place looks that nice! :)

Beautiful...... Nice loam and cool clouds, congrats on the trophy....


Would you guys think I was talking smack in saying that I think the pictures don't do the place justice?

Well, I don't! That place was better than a thousand words! Check it out at and browse through the two courses they offer. I think I have a new favorite place to race!

Ok, so I am way proud. Here is another photo. I think that I used this CR500 for traction in about 100 yards...


Then, this one is a gas! These guys were "rooting" for their buddies with a Two Bun salute, but I could not get a good photo of it, so they turned around specifically for the camera. My buddy Ryan is tossing up the "sabbath" on the right. We were all laughing pretty hard when this was goin on. I imagine the riders were getting a pretty good laugh too! (This was done during the expert race)


Thanks for the comments fellas.

Nice job Brandon! Great pics too! :)

nice pics wish i had a place like that around here to ride. :) on another note were the 1st-2nd-3rd place trophies vertical cause your 4th place was horizontal. :D

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