Front end alignment

I took a small spill yesterday and when I got back on I noticed that the fender was pointed a little to the right and something seemed off. I rode over to the pits and took a look at the front end and it was off center by a few inches.

I loosened the axle nut, pinch bolts, lower and upper triple clamps. I sort of twisted the bars back and forth and I could see it sort of straighten out.

The manual says 15 ftlb on the clamps, 15 on the axle pinch bolts and 75 on the axle nut. I retorqued the handlebar clamps at 20 (upper) and 24 (lower.)

Is there anything else that I need to look at, or should I be good to go?

I usually just check torque tightness on the bolts without having to readjust anything.

Thanks-YZ450F btw

should spin the wheel and hit the brake with the bolts loose. also when you think its straight if you look down the forks through the handlebars at the axle you can tell if one is off or not.

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