2001 YZF426 build

THe hybrid I am building lost the main crank bearing in it. The case was split and we were going to install new rod and bearings on the original crank. Once it was apart they halves were bad also. Ordered in a new crank from Yamaha of troy for a 2001 YZF426 and installed new bearings and such. Well once we got the lower end put together we realized the stator assmbly and drive gear did not match up. On closer inspection we figured out this was not even the correct crank for a 426. It fits great in the case but all the extras dont match up. The only thing I can figure is they sent a 450 crank instead but do not know at this point. With the lower half already put togther I really hate to split it again but it may have to be. I was wondering if anybody had an Idea what I am running into here.

Just went thru my whole engine ,try Alba Action Sports next time better prices than troy sounds like your going to have to split them again. Just hope Troys return policy isn't crappy Good luck

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