rear end kicks left

When hard on the gas for large jumps, the rear end kicks to the left real bad. Any thoughts on the reason for this would be apreciated.

If the bike is in good working order(and everything is properly adjusted), and it's happening on all jumps, you're body position is most likely causing it. You're probably leaning a little to the right, or putting more pressure on the right peg. Ruts and off camber jump faces can cause it too. Keep practising and you'll learn how to make the bike do what you want. Just like leaning forward or back influences the bike's position, moving sideways, turning the bars and using more or less power can influence it too.

it also could be wheel bearings maybe

Or a combination of the what was happening to me. I was chopping the throttle just a fraction of a second too soon, and when I had poor body positioning in a not-smooth-as-glass jump face, well, sideways!

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