WR450 Woodruff Key/Flywheel Problem

Has anybody been checking the YammerHammer WR450F Forums lately? Seems that there is a problem with the crankshaft taper/flywheel and sheering the woodruff key. Some guys have only ridden a little while and then "Poof" the fly wheel is freewheeling and no spark! What a bummer! To wait that long for the latest and greatest and then to have this happen.

Yeah I've been watching all that for a while now. Some guys have had it happen 3-4 times. It is a bummer. Sounds like a sweet bike when it's running. They are a vocal bunch over there. Something interesting is always going on.

Boy, you got that right! Man, they light you up like a Christmas Tree if you get a little controversial. Our forum reminds me of the old Maytag repairman commercials. There's not all that much going on because our bikes are so damn reliable, well engineered and heavy! Gotta hand it to Yamaha though. I think the WR450 is a great bike. Sorry to hear about our Blue Thumper brethren having these kind of problems.

So far mine runs great. Owend a Honda loved it. Wanted to buy a 650 but was worried about wheight on trails and hill- climbing. Took a chance went for the blue so far so good. :)

It sounds like the problems have been resolved. I am selling my 650 to buy one myself. I love the 650 and ride exclusively in the tight stuff,(and can't imagine any hill it won't climb with ease) but at 43 I am am liking the idea of an electric start bike.........

The electric start would be nice, however there is something about having your trusty BRP sitting underneath you. Just twitching and ready to conquer even the most intense hills or backcountry tight stuff. Whether it is wide open through the Baja desert or inching along tight little canyons it is the right bike for me. Now if only it could speed around a motocross track with ease, then it would truly be the perfect bike...

I came so close to getting a WR 450 F

but the extra 1000 bucks and fact that the bike is crazy complex scared me away! well I knew that and XR was old reliable.! I still think the WR is hot [@#$%&*!] but I love my

new 650R. except when I crash and its a bitch to start!

hehe! and the fact that its heavy for a 150lb guy~! :)

Welcome Pig Brother, If you dump your Piggy and it doesn't light up right away, turn the gas off. Then pull in the compression lever and press your thumb on to the kill button. Turn the throttle wide open and kick your bike 7 times. Follow the normal starting drill from hear on out and she will fire up 1st kick. Don't forget to turn on your gas. You are free to go now... :)

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