What gives

Just changed the oil (4R), no filter change. Measured out exactly 1300cc. Tried to start the bike but thats a different story let it run for a minute or two and checked the oil level. Not even on the stick, add some or let it run again, still not even on the stick. No leaks because I checked. Added some more all total about 1550cc. The manual says 1300 though, am I doing something wrong what do you normally but in. now its way high on the stick. This has happened every oil change since I got the bike in march.

I've always added 1500cc, and it seems just right.


The manual gives three diffent measurements, I 'm just wondering why it goes from not even registering to the top of the stick with such a small difference in quantity.

since the last little bit is in the neck of the frame(a small confined space)it doesnt take much to go from nothing to too :) much!

did you at least clean the filter?

Hope so!!!!!!!!! Nothing like clean oil through a dirty filter to brighten your engines day.

Ah yeah

If you took out and cleaned the filter that would be the same as changing the filter as far as oil amount is concerned.


[ September 26, 2002, 09:53 AM: Message edited by: AZWR426 ]

you have to actualy drive the bike for like 5-10 min to get the true reading.

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