WR 426 kick starter doesn't Turn


my WR 426-F year '02 doesn't start and the engine don't turn.

i've started the engine of my wr, it run for 5 or 10 seconds in normal idle, i've heard a metal noise, at the same time the engine stop.

When i tried to put it running again i've notice that the kick stater is stuck, it won't move, not even half of an inch, not even with decompressor lever,

then tried to start it down the road for only one time, as soon a release the clutch lever the wheel also stuck/blocked and the engine didn't give any signe of movement.

what could be?

it looks like something expensive :worthy:


Your engine is likely siezed. If that's the case, it is going to be expensive.

I know this is an old posting but this might help someone else out there.

Start by pulling the right side case cover locate your counter balance shaft and check the nut torque mine was loose enough for the shaft to slide and wedge into the crank which would cause the unability to kick start and even push start.

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