What to replace in an old WR carb?

I have a 99 WR400F.

Took the carb off for the first time...I am the 2nd owner.

Found that the AP squirt membrane dist is somewhat stiff and plate rusted.

The phillips head screws somewhat stripped.

Float somewhat light brown from weathing.

wheels on slide somewhat worn.

I am new to repairing carbs and cannot tell if other pieces need replacing.

It seems like the slide screw came a little undone and allowed the shaft to shift toward the idle screw side and away from the TPS side...no wonder adjusting idle made little difference :>

At this point:

Better to buy a kit some some sort that has the varied parts.

Include any aftermarket kits...JD jet kit.

Buy an Eddlebrock if the cost of repairs puts me half way towards a new carb?

Thanks for the help. :worthy:

Biggest issue is how deep are the grooves in the slide housing from the slide wheels. If they are not too deep, a rebuild kit from Sudco a few replacement screws and some TLC is all that is needed. Do not use carb cleaner, only contact or brake parts cleaner. Do not remove the torx screws holding the carb halves together.

Eddy's can be a nightmenr to tune unless you are lucky.

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