Good number preprints for a 426?

I have tried that and still fail miserably. I have come to the realization that applying backgrounds is not my forte and if I can get the front number plate done without bubbles I am ecstatic :worthy:
I bypass the entire issue and just use numbers. Cheaper than preprints, too. :thumbsup:

IMO, while just numbers on plastic works and is fairly inexpensive, they don't look nearly as good as a nice set of pre-printed backgrounds.

My Attack pre-prints fit great. Here they are shortly after I put them on...


And they hold up even better... here they are after a year of tree dodging:


Hey! I use Krylon Fusion spray paint to do my backgrounds(as well as stripes on fenders).It works really well and does not scratch easily. You can see my 426 on photobucket under pictures by flapwick. I will try to post it here,but I'm an idiot,so it may be a while. I also made the tank and shroud graphics myself out of yellow,white,black,and clear numberplate backgrounds.I am in the process right now of making swingarm graphics.Black or maybe blue background with an awesome yellow lightning bolt going from upper front to lower rear.With white Yamaha logo sitting over lower lightning bolt leg. I have since put my old racing number(*35) on the plates.Store bought 6" supercross style...looks awesome.You may notice a scratch on the left side plate.....that is from my son's RM85 bashing up against it one day in the trailer. It takes just minutes to repaint. If you have any talent with masking tape,this is a really fun,easy thing to do.For better or worse,I am the only guy on the planet with these graphics and stripes. One warning......the paint does not like gasoline.Otherwise,it's great.Check out photobucket! flapwick

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