New to yamaha

I went to a dealership yesterday looking for a new bike seeing as my bike is getting old and in need of replacing.....i had a look at the 2009 honda 450 and just didnt seem to like how small it felt....then i got an offer i couldnt refuse and after looking at the bike and finding it in the exact color that i wanted i decided to pick it up!

its a 2009 YZ450F with 5 Min on the motor yz450.jpg

let me know what you guys think

I think you'll never regret buying that bike. Congrats.

I think you'll love it, enjoy!

I got the same one and I love it.!!!

thanks for the comments guys...the bike has about 10 min on it since it was built out of the crate at the dealership and my hour meter should be here tomorrow or the next day :thumbsup:

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