Jetting for a beginner

I see loads of information about jetting, but i have some very basic questions.

What is the grey wire mod - and what does this do? (stock UK WR400, with original pipe)

To get a bit more overall performance for a non-racing trailee what mod's should I do? I notice you guys mainly talking about changing the main jet and moving the position of the needle - what should I change to?



Keep it simple.

Consider the gery wire mod - search for "grey wire" or "gray wire" - I'm not sure you have to do it on the UK bike though.

Consider the different needles and jets in jetting q's - its heavy reading but will give you an understanding.;f=3;t=005162

"BK mod" is relevant if you have a newer bike or the "taffy mod" on older bikes.

You really need to search and read.

As a bigger bloke myself I went to an OBELN needle - search "OBELN"

good luck

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