Pilot Air Screw chart

Wicked Crash provided the JPG for the chart:

<img src="http://www.earthlink.net/~curtallen/pictures/air%20screw%20 chart.jpg">



I got one of the adjustable screws on order right now and I was wondering how I was going to know where to set it at!

Thanks :)

Thanks for figuring out how to post the image Curt. For some reason the site that I use for pictures wouldn't work. I got the chart from another TT member a while back (sorry I can't remember your TT member name John).

well slap my @$$ and call me stupid but which jet is it refering to SLOW LEAK JET :)

The chart is referring to the Pilot (Slow) Air Jet/Pilot Air Screw which is on the air box side of the carb.

Me thinks the chart is for two strokes. :) .Ok, this screw replaces the pilot air jet. Just what does the pilot air jet do. Control air velocity and/or quantity past the pilot jet? And what does the leak jet do? I asked at the shop, but no one knew. Man, I could get in there and screw things up all kinds of ways. :D

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