European WR450f 05' - grey wire question

Well, today i hade some time to fix my bike a bit.

1. I removed the air-box snorkel.

2. Took out the Throttle Stop but it was the correct size? (Maybe the owner before me put a YZ one in, because it did not see cutted)

3. Then i was about to do the grey wire mod. i found the grey wire on a connector from the CDI, and pulled it out and taped it.

When i put the bike together i checked all the lights to see if they worked. They did.

I checked the start and stop button. They worked.

But then i was about to try the horn, and it did NOT work. I looked behind the horn, and i saw that it has grey wire connected.

The grey wire i pulled out was the only one i could find. And the horn worked before i pulled it out.

Could the wire have another colour?

Is there no wire on 05' european WR?

Help! :thumbsup:

My 04' was Canadian = No Grey Wire and Full Throttle Stop (YZ) from the factory.

The bike did not come with a horn so I cannot comment on your grey wire but I know my 04' was different from US models

Mine also a 04 Canadian, and like Don above, it already had the YZ throttle stop, but in my case I did find a grey wire. I unplugged it and found no noticeable difference at all. Everything still works otherwise. It also had no snorkel, no "pea shooter", but did have a spark arrestor. Previous owner may have removed pea shooter though

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