Hi everyone, I've been watching this list for a while, I'm very impressed with you guys' expertise. I'm getting back into riding now after about 10 years. I just bought an 02 WR426 and live in the NW flordia area (NAS Pensacola)and am active duty Navy. I just took orders to NAWS China Lake, in the beautiful CA dessert, there are some pretty extreme elevation changes, I think. Can someone tell me the biggest difference in setups for the dessert than what I'm used to here (up to the seat in swamp sludge)? The bike is still stock, but I got such a good deal on it, I'm willing to set her up pretty well. Thanks everyone, I hope to be an active member to this list, it seems like there are some great people here. Greg

Petty Officer Airdale Greg,

Try contacting Chris in the Mojave, member # 62. He hangs out in the CRF forum.

He may be your best bet about desert setup. He did own (still owns?) a WR.

Use the search feature, upper right, with his name and member #. Do a search on the Honda forum. Find a topic he is/was involved in. Use the "Send PM (personal message)" icon.

Or start here:;f=29;t=004330

Find his response a little down this list.

Thanks for the reply Kevin,

Not an airdale though, Prosthetic Dental Technician, 10 years and counting. Four good ones in the desert is just what I need.

I see on Death Valley N.P's website, bikes with the 'green stickers' are not allowed. What a waste of public land, I doubt they would mind if we drove a 4 mpg RV up there.


STOCK... if your riding in the DESERT STOCK... is great... the stock jets work well for 0 elevation... also turn the air screw out bout 1/2 - 1 full turn and u will be golden... i lived 1 mile from NAF El Centro... my dad lives in ridgecrest a few miles outside NAS China lake... trust me stock jetting is bout the way to go out in those deserts...

Hey grrrwolf,

Tips for the dez:

Get some hand guards to help keep the pokey bushes out of your hands. I use the Acerbis MX style.

Learn to use your odometer to be a rough gage for how far you can go on a tank of fule.

Get a hydration system of some type to keep water, snacks and a small toolkit in.

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