Taking the front wheel off a WR450F

Has anyone noticed that in order to take the front wheel off the WR450F you need a rather larger hex head Allen wrench for the front axle? a 19mm I believe. I've had my bike less than a month and am getting around to these things. Is this the required tool and any suggestions on where to buy one?

no you do not..take the nut off and lightly tap the axle out from the axle nut side...are you serious?

So maybe I didn't look at this close enough as I assumed the axle threads into the side where the disc is located. I loosend the pinch bolts on the axle. Two on each side. I then went to unscrew the axle and saw the large hex recepticle. Are you saying that the axle does not thread into the disc side lower fork? :)

I think I just realized something. You are saying there is a nut on the Disc side. I did not remove the white plastic guard for the brake line and therefore did not see it. I just assumed it threaded into the lower fork leg like previous Yamahas have. I will look more closely. If that is the case, boy, do I feel stupid. :)

Make sure you reinstall it by tightening the clamp bolts on the hex axle side only before tightening the main axle nut. Then tighten the axle clamps on the disc side last.

Make sure you reinstall it by tightening the clamp bolts on the hex axle side only before tightening the main axle nut.


Indy, the nut should be the first thing to tighten because the nut is used for centering purposes, once I tighten the axle nut (very little) the axle will be centered, then tighten the pinch bolts on the rotor side and lastly the pinch bolts on the speedo side.... This is what I've been doing for years. Uh,oh........

Yes, you are right Dan. I keep doing it my way but I think the result is same I make sure the hex side is the right position before clamping. Works for me. I design machinery for a living and do somethings my own quirky way. :)


Another way to hold the axle from the right side is to install a fairly inexpensive accessory from Zip Ty Racing. The part is about 20 bucks. It is a press fit on the right side hole in the axle and allows one to put a 19mm wrench on it. The advantage of this product is one can tighten the axle without tightening the pinch bolts first, thus in theory, keeping the forks from getting into a bind when the axle is tightened

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