woodruff key, what the dealer said/did

I told the dealer before picking up my WR450F about the things going on in the US and that a couple of people checked taper match and found it to be slightly off.

I asked him if he would be so kind to check taper fit when he has to remove the flywheel anyhow, due to the mandatory yamaha service bulletin and he said he will.

Picked up my scoot today and he told me that "it was sitting only at the rear" meaning the taper fit produced metal to metal contact only near the engine side of the taper.

He said, he consequently lapped the rotor onto the crank, took him half an hour, yamaha won't cover that work but glueing this in place "is not real solution".

Apparently his honour as mechanic made him do it right than follow the cheap yamaha fix.

He added he used loctite to glue the key in place like yamaha said, but made clear that he personally doesn't think much of this procedure.

So, thanks to an apparently professional motorcycle dealer my WR450F got the Yamaha loctite 648 treatment PLUS a rotor mated to the crank by lapping. I feel muuch better now! :D

Observation: the Bike is way to rich down low!

Pulling the hot start lever does raise idle and not stall the engine after a couple of secs, like it would on my WR400F. The electric start is revving the crap out of the engine, disappointingly w/o firing her up, until one pulls the hot start!

Kick starting is a first kick thing. Including the absolute very first kick of my bike (after switching on the ignition :))

take care


after switching on the ignition

That's ok, I was showing off how easy mine started to my buddies when all a sudden it quit. I couldn't restart, ground the battery down, kicked and kicked and kicked, Then my buddy asked if I turned my fuel back on :):D :D :D

I may have one upped you! I re-jetted and was ripping up and down my street when the biked started jerking and just stalled. I e-started and e-started,kicked and kicked!!!!!The gas was off!!!!!!!!!! Doh!!! I fet pretty lame but was stoked when she fired. I was embarrassed and I was all alone!!


I did the same thing and thought it was a key but I was in my driveway and realized the gas was off. :)

The On - Off switch got me one time. Look for that little red light before kicking.


what country are you in?

Please keep us updated if this solved the problem or if it didn't.

Mine is coming in may, definitly ask the dealer to take a look at this issue!

Good luck



"Vehicle ID" or a more correcct translation from german would be Frame-number is JYACJ04WX3A0030?? (according to my road worthiness certificate).

Rather odd, considering that the relatively non Yamaha Japan look and feel "service bulletin" at my dealers specified an id range of CJ04W-0000037 to CJ04W-0003669 (e.g. where did the X3 go and the leading JYA?)

Anyhow, bike still runs fine (at 3°C below zero with snow blowing around horizontally, hope there'll be a little more summer comming up than what we had had)


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