I just bought a 2002 wr426, it is a canaidian model, i've been reading posts about the throttle stop, grey wire mod, yz cam timing and several other mods that need to be done, I have checked my throttle and it opens all the way, and there is no grey wire, I did the yz cam timing and that helped the power some. does anyone know if the canaidian models are different from the us? maybe the can. models don't need thoes mods, I was used to riding a 2001yzf and i'm trying to get my WR to perform the same, is this possible?


Rejetting correctly makes a huge difference with these bikes. Also due to the wide ratio tranny I would bet that its gonna feel quite a bit different even when you get it dialed in.


Mine was really disapointing until I opened the airbox and installed a YZ pipe. Highly recomend the 450 cam as well.

Shawn :)

Before you rejet, take of the airbox lid...

The Canadian models are different to the US models... you have done the YZ timing, once you do the airbox lid, and if you change the muffler, then all you have left to do is to get it jetted correctly...

The wide ratio transmission and the heavier flywheel weight will make it seem slower than a YZ... still plenty fast enough... try the 450 cam and the JamesNOW! mods... they are nice for your bike...



I tend to agree with the others on this post it has alot to do with the air box lid & pipe.It will never perform like a YZF because it is still essentially a WR (Flywheel Weight)But seriously if your like me I love that rippin' top end.You could also consider a 52T rear sprocket for some more snap.My personal observation with my Canadian WR has been:

YZ Needle-("E" Taper) Useful as long as you run with no air box lid & an OPEN exhaust

YZ Pipe-Great Performance BUT too LOUD.Here in Michigan we are supposed to meet 94db (Sucks but its the Law)

I run my air box lid on with no baffle & 4 1 inch holes W/UNI-Filter vents.2002 YZ Pipe w/PMB Endcap modified to meet 94db limit.This set-up favors stock "D" Taper needle.My Final thought is if you can play loud go ahead.I ran my YZ silencer open last year and my buddy heard me coming a mile away :DThe WR is a far more usable bike than a YZF for my application.Hope that helps a little.

whats the james now mod? and what will the 450 cam do. I have removed the air box lid, put on a DSP ti pipe, a twin air filter with a no screen cage and the jetting is right on, it still doesn't pull like my yzf, maybe it's the heavyer flywheel?

Theres TONS of info on the YZ side about the James Now & the YZ450 cam swap.James Now is a homemade Power Now device(plate that mounts in carb air boot to increase intake velocity)YZ 450 cam eliminates the need to use the decomp lever when starting (auto-decompession,just kick to start)

Try this;


IMHO-A WR is a WR,an enigma.Hope that helps some more.

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