Would you hold off?

There is an 03 WR sitting on the floor at my local dealer. I was all set to make a deal on it even had the wife’s ok, then checked TT and found the problem with the Woodruff Key. I did a 180 after reading the posts and decided not to go for it. My 00 WR runs great and I don’t want to trade it for a lemon. Let me know what you guys think.

I can only speak for myself, but if i had known about all of this before putting money down, I'd have likely bought something else. I've only put about 10 miles on mine as break in, and to be quite honest I'm afraid to ride it like I normally would (ie. far from the truck) for fear of catastrophic failure. What i've experienced with it so far has been nothing but great, but having this stuff nag at you while riding is annoying.



I'm no expert, so just my personal opinion from reading the posts in TT, yes, wait till Yamaha come clean and get a bike that has the right parts from factory, I woudnt be happy knowing the apprentice at the local shop did the recall work.. I just got a 98wr400 and love it so much i was considering a new one rather than rebuild the 98, but now I will defo wait at least 6 months.. (mind you, this sort of problem isnt exclusive to Yamaha, 1st year models often have problems that get sorted in later editions)

I think you are making a smart decision. Put the cash in the bank and wait for the 04 model or buy something else. Why buy a bike that you know has problems when there are so many other good bikes out there?

Yamaha needs to pull their heads out and actually fix these bikes. They also need to supply current owners with something in writing stating they will fix the problem regardless whether or not the 30 day warranty has expired.

Lapping the tapered shaft to match the flywheel on a brand new bike is bull$hit in my opinion. These parts should all be replaced with new, correctly manufactured parts. They should also halt any further sales until all the bikes are fixed. I've said this before, with 3 sons, how Yamaha resolves this issue will weigh heavily on my my future bike purchases.

I don't know how many people haven't had problems but my bike has backfired quite a few times and the woodruff key has not broken. I don't have very much time on it because of late delivery and the bike was probably put together after yamaha was aware of the problem. I think that if you keep checking the torque of the rotor nut during break in and loctite it after the flywheel is seated properly you will have no problems. I haven't had any yet but I guess only time will tell. I loved my YZ 426 but I don't think that it was near as good of a bike as the WR450.

Serial # 5575

Hi: I have a new WR with 400 hard miles on it and love it. But I would definetly wait and check some ID#s and let the dealer know about your concerns. I have gone back to riding my old bike till this is resolved because if the flywheel spins it can screw up the flywheel and the crankshaft so I am told. This sucks.

I got the first WR450 in the continental US of A and have had NO problems. I would'nt hesitate to go out and buy another one right now if I had the bucks and I could find one. Being afraid of that is like being afraid you might die if you ride!!!!!!!!! Hell you're gonna die any way. ENJOY LIFE. BUY IT & RIDE Thats my rant for today.


This might be a stupid question, but what is a woodruff key? Is this only on the 03 models? I keep seeing post about this but am not sure what it is. Just curious.

Why wait the WR450 is awesome once moded out. The woodruff key issue is a tolerance / fit issue that can be repaired or lapped prior to running and will hold up well. I have over 500 miles without a problem.

While you are holding off the rest of us will be out there riding the wheels off of our lemons. If you spend your entire life looking for the perfect bike you might as well give up on dirt bikes. Every bike made has some glitch we choose to fix or ignore and ride to our hearts content. I had one of the first WR's and although I did have the woodruff key fail it was no big deal and I have 400 to 500 miles of great memories since. The only other issue has been jetting and until Yamaha chooses to change the stock set-up we will just have to make the changes ourselves.

Every bike out there has some problem. Get over it and go ride! :)

utvols is right on. I've sheared one key, had it fixed and have been running ever since. You'll never find the perfect bike. Get what you want and ride. :)

There's no :D way I would wait. I have had mine in 9 races so far and over 100 hours of flat out trashing. Never replacing nothing but tires and oil :D:). It's just like crashing you might be afraid but you still have to go. :D :D. I have owned a 98 2000 2001 2002 now have an 03 . There's noway I would get something else :D :cool:good luck and tear it up and get off the porch. It's too nice out to not ride.

I can't beleive some of you guys saying you wish you would have waited, just because you might shear a woodruff key? Or saying you're afaid to ride it because something (might) go wrong. Look at these guys that love their Honda CR450's even though some of them are having valve problems and oil capacity problems, these guys are replacing the valves, some of them more than once, and you guys think its a major problem if you shear a key. If you're so worried take the tools nessasary to fix it and keep them in your truck,that way someone could ride back and get them. It would take maybe 30 minutes to fix.

I've done my research and decided to buy a WR450. I think this Woodruff Key issue is being blown out of proportion. I'm having the Yamaha described work done on the key today at the dealer here in San Diego and will ride it for the first time this Sunday in the SoCal desert. I will report back on how it works, since I'll be riding it quite a bit over the next month. Cheers!

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I'm just gonna ride the thing if it breaks it breaks.

If a flywheel is the biggest concern I have these days I consider myself lucky!

Shaddup and ride!

I retract my statements. Keep your head in the sand (you know who you are)have another beer.

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I purchased my 03 in jan. and have raced two hare scrambles

and a poker ride and numerous desert rides.

and have over 300 miles on and love it.

as long as you check it and set the torque to the new spec you should be fine..

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