scotts stabilizer on yz400f

I bough a scotts stabilizer for my 400, but I just thought about the oil dipstick, will it interfer with the post collar from the stabilizer?

Did you buy the weld on tower? I had the weld-on tower on my 01 250f and there wasn't any clearance issues.

no it is the normal bolt on one

It shouldn't be a problem. Since you already bought the kit, I would take your top triple clamp off and put the post in place without tapping it on all the way. You then should be able to tell how much room you have.

If it doesn't fit, you could get one of the alternative mounts that fits it in front of the front number plate.

I have a Scott damper fitted to my 400. I used the mount that fits around the top of the frame the same as you have. Just follow the Scott instructions closely, you may have to grind the upper steering tube weld a little to ensure the mount fits properly.

As for the dip stick, yes it makes access a little tight but not impossible. I have had my damper on for about 9 months now and have not had an issue with filling or checking the oil.

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