yz400f large tank?

okay, I need more gas, large tank, clarke? IMS? or baja designs side aux tank. I am thinking the baja aux tank might be better as the weight would be carried low

I have a Clarke 3.2gal that I used on my 06 YZ450F for a while, and you hardly even notice the weight or width. A couple of problems were that it didn't quite line up with the front mounting bolt, and it was rubbing on the frame, so I put some inner tube in between. They carry a lot of the weight quite low, and even lower than a standard tank when you've used half the gas(which was kind of cool at the MX track when I only needed to have a third of a tank of gas in it!). Quality of the Clarke is good though, and I read on here a while ago that some have had problems with the IMS tanks cracking at the seams and leaking.

I have the Clarke tank fitted to my 400. I agree with ben_surhard about the weight not being noticeable and being lower as the fuel level falls.

I had no fitting issues. The only modification I did was to fit some heat reflective tape to the inside of the tank to keep the engine heat away as best possible. I have not heard of anyone having heating issues however, to me it just seemed like the right thing to do.


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