OT: A must see concering the war

I got this link in my e-mail this morning.

Its a nice tribuite to all the men and women in the war.


It takes a while to load (if your 56k) but you better check it oout fast before it get to too many e-mail address and they overload the site.

Outstanding tribute!!

Is it accessable only for US fellas? I get "You are not authorized to view this page"

I get the same thing, Sabin. As I have long suspected, Iowa may not actually be a part of the U.S. :)

Well, like I mentioned in the orginal post, it looks like their server got overloaded and they shut it down.

That happens everytime it gets passed around to e-mail boxes around the world.

Something else you may find interesting... though on a less serious note...


I liked the flash movie that comes up when you select "what time are we going to bomb Saddam...?"



yamadude - that site is pretty cool. Thanks

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