re pack white bros

Looked for a thread about "how to" repack your exhaust, i know drill the rivots pull it apart pull out old and put in new, but wondering if there is some pictures etc.. not experienced with rivots

should i use a drill bit the same size as the inside of the rivot? like a number 9?? which size rivots do you use and where do you get them?and is it better to buy a better rivot gun or a cheap one

Use a drill bit one size larger than the center of the rivet. When drilling it out, drill until the flat part (head) of the rivet comes off. Do all rivets and pull the end cap off. Then you can remove the rest of the rivet by pulling out from the inside. One trick i use on my white brothers pipe in to wrap sewing thread around the packing to keep it tight during intallation. Also go back with titanium rivets, if you can. I can't find them but I know they're out there. I also like to apply a little high temp silicone to the inside of the end cap. Helps hold it and dampens vibrations a little. I had a huge problem with blowing the cap off before i started doing that.

As for the rivet gun. Depends on how much you use it. If it's just to pack your pipe then a cheap one's ok. It's the rivets that matter. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM RIVETS! They won't last two rides, I know. Use stainless if you can't find the tianium ones.

SWEEET thanks for the info guys

SWEEET thanks for the info guys

It was actually only one guy who replied, but he posted twice just to confuse you!

well your post help sooo much hahaha

Glad to be of service!

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