Smart Performance Suspension reivew

Got the rebuilt forks and shock back last week. I've ridden several short rides and thought I'd pass on my impressions.

Preface: this is my 21st dirtbike, and my 5th with upgraded suspension work.


Very Linear, predictable, smooth, and controlled. No more 'uncontrolled feeling, regardless of terrain. It is still a bit stiff, as it is all brand new inside. I am running with the clickers set the way I received them from Dave J. Have not adjusted sag yet, and it's a little bit too much, so I will adjust that after it feels more broken in. The bike rides much higher in the stroke with the slightly stiffer spring, yet if feels softer than before. That is a good thing!

Very happy


So far it is a bit stiff, and slow to react to anything but fist sized rocks and ruts. It is not harsh, just slow. I have reduced the compression and rebound two clicks each, and I am not sure yet if there is an improvement yet.

The bike rides way, way higher in the stroke than before. Much more control over drops, rocks, etc, though it is as I said still slow to react. I will give it time. I make this comparison to my 450X forks reworked by ESP. Not really fair comparison, as the WR forks are old-school.

Make no mistake though, the fork action is 10000% better than stock.

The fork feels like a re-valved 2001 CR250 Honda fork, to me. That's quite a big improvement over the stock WR fork!

Very Happy

I look forward to next Sunday when I take the WR on a ride to Coral Canyon in San Diego. Nothing epic there, but lots of irregular terrain.

Here is part of the documentation on the work done. I left out the Shim Stack info for Dave's sake.



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