Valve adjustment

I have removed my head cover and checked my clearance of the intake and exhaust at TDC, 2000 Wr400f. The intake is fine but the exhaust is off, according to the chart in the manual I need a valve spacer of 170. My question is, do I need to remove both camshafts to adjust the exhaust intake or can I just remove the exhaust cam put new spacers in. Also are there any hints befor I proceed.

I may be a little easier with both off but not needed. Now is a good time to use some Plastigauge to check clearence of cam retainers to cams. Lets you know how sloppy the top end has gotten, might be on the verge of a little rebuild action. Cheaper than replaceing the entire head, I can tell ya a bare head costs $601.00. Beware of injesting an intake valve like I did last year. I would kick the idea around!

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