Is Bel-Ray EXL good oil for break-in

I rode my bike for the first time last Sun. & put 25 miles on it. I am changing the oil & filter now and I wanted to know if Bel-Ray EXL oil is a good petrolium oil to use during break-in period? Hoping for a quick response! thanks

Is that semi-synthetic oil? I was always told to use plain mineral oil for break-in it is suppose to help seat the rings better, then switch to synthetic oil. I have been using the exs belray with good results, but in the bottom of every jug there appears to be dirt in it. I e-mailed bel=ray and this is what they said "What you are observing actually happens to all motor oils. The dirt like particles are actually some of the oil additives that fall out of solution, the white color of our bottle makes them more apparent than they would be in blue, black, or green bottles". I don't know if i should belive them. Any body else see the same thing.

This does not say it is synthetic blend. It just says "Motorcycle motor oil" :)

Anybody else have 2 cents to give up! :)

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