Taller Handlebars on 98 Wr400f

I need to put some taller bars on my bike and wondered if I get some bars 2 inchs taller or even that plus a 1 inch riser, possibly a bit wider, will the cables for throttle/clutch and brake lines etc reach ok ? (looks tight at the moment with quite low bars and no riser)

I am interested in the same for my 02 WR426. Looks to me like there might be enough cable slack for 2" higher bars. I want some recommendations for a good strong bar that doesn't bend easily.


Dont hold me to it, but I believe this is as tall as you can get your bars.

Thumper bar mounts move your bars 1.5" forward and 1.5" up from stock position.

I can however tell you that this setup is as far as you can stretch the stock cable. If you are somehow able to get the bars higher/further fwd then you are looking at custom cables. (Thumper makes those too)


I Like the Mo Milkman's setup - if you want to keep the same bars. But if you don't, and the cost of the Thumper risers is more than a Renthal Jimmy Button High Bend, then you've found your bars. The Jimmy Button, per the spec chart, is the highest and widest I know of. The pullback is in the middle of the spec range, so it's not like your holding on to a broom handle. It even clears my Scott's damper. Cost was in the $60 range. For my new WR450, I tossed the stock bar, and the worthless air box baffle, both in the trash (along with the chain, grey wire and muffler insert).

thanks guys, thats what I needed to know.. do you have a url for thumper, tried thumper.com, under condstruction..?

edit - think i found em, thumper-racing.net ,, :)

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