Cleaning oil strainer in frame

I am doing my 1st oil change on my WR450 and I have removed the oil strainer on frame. What should I use to clean it, gas, kerosene,ect... :)

I use air to blow out anything. Kerosene will work for a wash.

Thanx Indy, Did that earlier. Getting bike ready for tomorrow, its going to be 75 and sunny. :)


Careful putting that strainer back in! I read some where else in here a couple people have stripped the threads. The manual calls for 65 ft/lbs. Seems a bit high to me.

It does seem pretty tight to me also. When installing it I kept checking torque setting to make sure I wasn't over tightening it.I was getting very nervous. :)

Did you find any thing in the strainer. My 426 never had anything, and I'v not checked my 450 yet.


Just a few small particles but only rode once for 30 miles. I will change again after 30-50 miles.

Hey Motorod, nice dog. I have 2 boxers myself. Bike looks great too! :)

That is what it looked like when I took the light off. I had not modified anything at that time. :)

That dog thinks we go to the races so poeple will pet her. :) She usually sleeps the whole way back and then through the night, after we get home, because she wore out from the pettings she gets. Every time I get the trailer out to load up, she lines up at the truck, so she won't get left out of the trip. :D

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