Motocross des nations - CANCELLED

They decided to cancell and move it to spain! :)

Is this a joke? How do you know this? I can't believe they could change it one week before the race. Anyone else have any info on this subject?

This is for real. I had suspicions they might not be able to fully pull this off when I first heard it, but really hoped it would work.

Problem stemmed from two brothers who are in the Soboba Indian tribe fighting over whose land the track is on, and whether the lease was valid. One brother evidently claimed it was his land, did not want the race to go on (probably because he wasn't being paid), the Tribal Council agreed with him, they filed a lawsuit and won a temporary injunction to stop the race. Unfortunately, temporary really means permanent with a once-a-year international event like this. You just can't get thousands of people from all over the world to wait until our unbelievably self-centered lawyers all get their payday before allowing the project to continue. So, the event goes to Spain where they shoot (just kidding, sort of) lawyers that are willing to hold half the country hostage for a few bucks. Our loss, their gain.

Thanks for letting me vent.


The MXDN IS off however all the people, bikes and riders are here in SoCal. Most of them are going to race anyway!! cool for us spectators and its going to be at Glen Helen a better track anyway for this type of a race. check it out!:

World Cup of Motocross

What a MESS!!! Is this the best the US of A can do to put on a international event? There are so many BEAUTIFUL tracks in the US. What a shame. Does anyone know if it will come back next year because it wasn't run here this year? I hope we haven't shot our selves in the foot with this mess! :)

This is an embarrassment to the U.S. and american mx in general,i'd liked to know why they scheduled the race there and why they couldn't move it to another track instead of moving the race to spain.

It looks like a new round of ethnic jokes (for non-americans) Polish, noooooooooo. American :)

No wonder we're viewed as pigs.

Man I really hate to say this, but if it had been scheduled in any other State other that California it would probably still be happening...

I still think they should build a fortified wall around the whole damn state, air lift you guys to safety, and never again worry about the corrupt politicians and the greenies... It would make a damn fine US Air Force/ Navy Range....we are loosing the one in PR.

Bonzai :)

I must say I like Yamakazi's idea :)

I dont think its really a Ca. issue. the race was cancled due to the greedy people looking for money (the people who owned the land where comp park is)

Id really like to hear the story surrounding how comp park got chosen to hold the MXDN as opposed to one of the established tracks in the US.

At any rate, I will be there sunday cheering on our team and watching the race on a real motocross track!


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