2000 WR Lighting coil output?

Just wondering if anyone knows what the output of a stock 2000 WR400 lighting coil is.I found one old post in the archive where this question was asked,but it is unavailable.I have not been able to find this info anywhere else.

The wattage output is 130 Watts starting in on the 2000's. The 98 and 99's had 80 watt outputs. That rating is probably at a specific rpm, certainly not at idle.



I sent my stator (00' WR) down to Baja Designs to be rewound. They called me and said it didn't need to be rewound since it's output was around 120 watts. Since I had it down there I had them do the ground modification anyway. You've got plenty of juice to power most lighting systems.


I have a 99 WR. Can some one tell me what kind of electrical power comes out of it? Am I correct in thinking that it has less juice? It seems like on a dualsport ride my battry is dead after about 30 miles if I shut the bike off and forget to turn of the light, I don't need to bother cuz it ain't on no more anyway. What gives

Jim, the 99's are rated at an output of 80 watts. I have heard similar results from people using the BD kit. Even after a stator rewind. Clarke!

I built my own dual sport kit and did not bother with rectifying the AC to DC current. The horn and signals run off DC and the lights on the standard AC setup. No problems yet.


The 80 watt '98 & '99 stator has fewer plates, so rewinding them won't help much, if any. The 130 watt stator assy. from a '00 is a direct replacement, and it has more plates and more turns on each post. A buddy just rewound his '00 stator assy, and he got another 2' of magnet wire wound on each post, which originally had 6' of wire. Theoretically that's about 30% more voltage, so his headlight remains bright at idle. He's measuring 16VAC at idle now.

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