Lower steering race

I have a quik question about the lower steering race. I have new bearings and have the old ones off and the old races out.

When pressing in the lower steering race how far do you put it up in the head tube? Til the race is flush with the outside head tube or all the way in til the new race seats up against the lip inside the head tube?

Always install bearing races completely against their seats.

If you leave it off the seat, what do you suppose will happen on the first good impact the forks take?

I see! You sure can think good and quik. I should have known the answer to that myself but sometimes I just get in a hurry to do things and rush and dont stop to think sometimes.

did u get the updated top bearing? i just bought one today

did u get the updated top bearing? i just bought one today

Yes. I got it all back together yesterday. I just went ahead and pressed the lower bearing back on with my uncles 20 ton shop press instead of hitting it on.

One thing I couldnt understand in the manual about when you first tighting the ring nut(nut with notches in it) is they said to first tighten it to 27 ft lbs, which I did and then they said to loosen it one turn and then torque to 5.1 ft lbs.

I know it is to preload the bearings but when you loosen it one turn it is to loose. But any ways I loosened it one complete turn and then screwed it back on with my finger until I couldnt turn it by hand any more and then set it at 5 ft. lbs.

I guess I done it right:excuseme:

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