Looking For 07 YZ450 Parts

I'm going to help my freind rebuild the top end on his 07 450. He said he called the local Dealer and they wanted 100.00 a peice for the valves. So I would think the rest of the parts would be matrixed too. My question is, where can he find OE parts that are priced somewhat better than the local Dealer.

You're kidding, right? :thumbsup:

Start right here at the TT Store.

You should also be able to Google "OEM Yamaha Parts" and come up with a lot of possibilities.

try stadiumyamaha.com they have good prices on oem. i have faction mx valves in my bike 50hrs on them so far so good

Thanks for the info. I haven't forgot about the TT store, just wasn't sure what's out there for Yamaha. Plus I wanted to see what it looked like inside the blue forum. Iv'e been trying to get him to go red, but he ain't budging. Thanks again.

Thanls for the info. I have already told him about the TT Store several times, plus he's a TT member too. I'll pass this info on.

Something about leading a horse to water and drinking or something like that.:thumbsup:

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