michelin desert rear

Time to bust out of my Dunlop routine. I've never tried the Michelin Desert. In the catalogue there are three models of 140/80/18's -- 54R, 72R, 74R. What the differences are? Compound? Would the 72R be their IT? Which one do I want for high speed desert with rocky technical?

Thanks BRPigsters.


Sample tire size of 100/90-19 (57H)

1) 100 Cross-section width in millimeters

2) 90 Aspect ratio, i.e. the ratio of the tire's height (H) to its width (S), expressed as a percentage (H÷S)

3)19 Rim diameter, in inches (Ø)

4)57 Load index

5)H Speed rating

Speed Rating - maximum speed

Code mph km/h

R 106 170

Load Index indicates the maximum load at which a tire can be safely operated .

Load Index for the codes you specified:

Code lb kg

52 441 200

72 783 355

74 827 375

So the R series is high speed

The actual load depends on you total weight and the geometry of the bike (Front vs Rear load distribution).

The BAJA rear tire is just as good as the Desert rear tire and costs less. I have the Desert tire up front (like the tread pattern better than the BAJA) and the BAJA in the rear. They wear very well. I like the handling in Desert conditions, great in the sand. Braking on asphalt requires steady pressure and panic braking is not advised.

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