i am new here

I am geting a wr400 next week but i need to know if i can put foot pegs on the back for my girlfriend, I was told that its not been tested for two people and could break the back end is this true if not where can i get some foot pegs that will fit ok.


I made some pegs. Get some 2" PVC and cut 2 10" pieces. Then slide them on over your existing pegs. Now drill a hole all the way through the PVC (look into the PVC when drilling, so as not to hit the peg). Next match a bolt I use a 2 3/4" bolt with two washers and a locking nut. The PVC works well and will shatter (rather than bend) if you hit something, Tested! The passenger's feet sit out side of the drivers. The only draw back is you have to get used to putting your feet down a little differently then stopping. The whole thing cost me $2.50, and I have enough PVC for about 3 sets of pegs. :)

yo thanks mate

I'd hate to be the passenger with those swing-arm clamp-on things, looks like lots of knee action. Best thing is have her get her own foot pegs.... with a TTR125 or similiar attached.

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