Non-crash related riding injuries

i landed a jump and the combination of worn out pegs and worn out boots made my foot slip off of the peg as i landed/was setting up for the corner after my leg got caught infront of the peg and foot got caught in a run and flipped my foot upside down and backwards. the result was a couple of tore ligaments in my ankle

i was loosing control and i kinda almost went over the bars and i got bars in my stomach and had really sore abs after that.

Now jetski'ing is a different story.. I was about to hit a about 4 foot wake and my engine cut out then i got bars in the stomach again which was worse and a knee to the hoodlatch (not pretty)

Loading the bike to leave one day i managed to step back and my foot went between the cement loading dock and my tailgate, nothing to brace the fall so landed on my arm/shoulder then couldnt get out hahah. It was embarrassing! My friend was more worried then me though, he thought i broke my leg cause i fell to the side. Then i had to do the hurry get up and make sure no one is looking thing then laugh!

2 good ones (because they didn't happen to me)...

I used to have a home made flat bed trailer - no sides, 3' or so off the ground (bed sat over the 15" wheels/tires) and the top of the trailer was galvanized sheet metal (smooth). I do a lot of construction work and the trailer was great for that - easy to fork lift materials on/off. I had 4 wheel chockes on the trailer - one for each dirt bike and I used 2x12's as ramps (painted with sand mix for traction). My son thought he would be cool and ride his yz 250 up the ramp instead of pushing it - went right up and right off the side of the trailer when the front tire skidded on the smooth metal. Wasn't hurt - damn it was funny....Another time - same trailer - we are going to check out a new track about an hour from the house - private track that offered memberships. We pull up and the wife of the owner meets us by my trailer. My buddy is unhooking the straps of his wr250 as I am talking to the lady. He is standing on the trailer - outside of the bike by ther trailer's edge - unhooks the inside strap (that he had cranked down) which is turn jerks the bike up into him - throws him off the trailer to the ground and the bike falls on him. Again - nothing hurt but his pride....

When I was in my early teens, a very large blackberry vine dropped down across a trail that I had run the night before. I was 3rd-4th gear on the throttle when it caught me at neck level and ripped me off the back of my bike. 30 years later I still have the 3" scar on my neck.

A couple of years back I was skewered through my helmet cheek pad and through my right cheek by a branch on a tree. The branch broke off with about a foot sticking out of the helmet when the end of the stick hit my teeth. I had to pull the stick out of my face to get my helmet off.

A couple months ago I got jousted by another stick to the left temple. Rang my bell to the point I couldn't see (nothing but flickering lights), and left a pretty good sized wound. I remember sittting in the middle of a big mud hole with my feet down and the bike was still upright.

I can't count the number of times I've racked my sack on the tank. Good thing I was done having kids in my early 20's.

Hurt my back flying off a jump and landed on the front wheel to much on my quad

didn't crash!, and i kept on riding

I ended up bruising my right shoulder!,dont know how it happened...

(still kinda hurts)

hit a jump and somehow slid kinda off the side landed with left foot still on the peg and my right knee on the other peg few tanks slaps later and was still upright knee bruised for about a month. punched a tree at like 3rd gear few tank slaps later all good pinkie was huge for a few days. hit my knackers more times then i can remember. also how many others have hit their knees on the clutch or front brake bolts. that can stop the party pretty quickly :thumbsup:

Riding in the mud the other day and blew a corner and stalled my yz250f and damn near broke my instep when my muddy foot slipped off the kick starter. And yes everybody had a good laugh so go ahead:moon:

took a nice sandy right hander and layed the bike right over foot caught and edge and took my front brake lever to the inside of my knee...left a nice purple nasty looking bruise for about 2 weeks

both my nipples were bleeding:

after a 450 zoomed by on a dirt road and happen to roost 2 rocks directly towards my nipples.

both my nipples were bleeding:

after a 450 zoomed by on a dirt road and happen to roost 2 rocks directly towards my nipples.

1 more:

i was wearing jeans and nikes, for i just wanted to ride to a friends house,

my bike was sideways on an incline when i tried to start it (why didn't i just roll start it)

on the first kick my pant leg gets caught on the kick started, and in slow motion i fell to the side where my leg was supposed to be propping me up, i received a mild booboo

I was dirtbiking one day and kinda landed on my finger, and it sprained backwards, was healed after a few weeks, then when bmxing I went back to far in a wheelie and landed on the same finger, it dosnt hurt really at all but it still feels like its slightly sprained, and that was 3 months ago!!? I should get it checked out but I hate doctors and it dosnt hurt to bad.

About 2 years ago I cut the clutch lever down so it was just long enough for two fingers on my KDX220. The very next time I took the bike out for an all day ride I noticed toward the end my left thumb was getting really sore. Something about the way it made my palm dig into the grip right near the base of my thumb.

The next day I could barely move my thumb, felt like I broke it. Took a good week before I could really use it at all. Took a couple of months to heal 99%. To this day if I grab my thumb and pull it toward my wrist really hard it feels slightly stiff compared to my right hand. Doesn't hurt, just feels odd.

Not sure what I did exactly but that was the last ride I take with a "shorty" clutch lever.

I chuncked a piece of meat off my lower shin the size and depth of peanut(shelled of course).Was using one of those lift stands after washing my bike.Well my feet were wet and slipped off the foot mount of the stand and raked against my freshly sharpend pegs.The thing was it didnt bleed for about 30 seconds and then it was Niagra Falls.The sight of it almost made me puke.Oh, and of course I didn't go to the doctor.My wife freaked when she saw it!!Crazy how things happen.

ive a few that to many times, except i didnt bleed each time, but man i was MOTHERF&*KER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also took a peg to my knee some how, now i got 4-6 teeth marks scars on my knee cap.

Ive also when i was younger just me and my friend riding at his house. Wasn't paying attention, when to jump down in this vally, I was gona land and make the bike go left, so i tuned the bars, wasent thinking, bars were still turned, bike hit the ground, Was going about 20mph, well i got the bars right in to my stomach. i got thrown off the bike on to the other side of the vally wall. landed on my back, i shot up, and just started crying, i couldn't breath, i couldn't talk, i was in so much pain. I sorta just ran around try to get air. so after about 2hours of just sitting in a chair. Watching my friend ride, I decided to see teh damage, i got a pretty good bruse and a scar right below my sternum, I got really luck, cause about a inch higher, i would have had a riped in half sternum. I would have had to get major surgery. We were about 12 at when i did this. Was on a older cr85

Fell out of the truck loading the bikes and knocked myself unconcious. Yah... it sucked

Slipped on the trailer ramp loading my wifes CRF150 and ripped my big toenail off on her kickstand. Though I was gonna cry. Two weeks later and it still hurts like hell when I ride.

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