WR 450 shifting problem

Just got of the phone with my buddy, he rode his new wr 450 for the fist time today. Pick the bike some tine mid- Jan but has been installing dual sport kit. Not to far in the ride he was having trouble with the shift not returning on down shifts. Does not do it every time. I thought I have seen some posts regarding shifting problems. rode bike approx 50 miles on roads. Any information would be helful. He is past the 30 days warranty period we will see what happens. He not a happy camper.

My WR450 shifting, like the fork action, did not smooth out until after break-in. I was concerned at first, but now with about 50 hours on the bike, it's getting better all the time. I started shifting like I meant it. I got some shavings on the mag oil plug, but what the heck. That said, the WR450 manual does address causes for rough shifting.

I originally posted the same problem with my new WR450. I put almost 30 miles on mine and finally decided to take it in because the issue wasn't going away. I was still in warranty and the dealer fixed it for me. I don't know what they did to fix it but the service manager told me they had to adjust it (?) Anyway, no parts were needed. Shouldn't cost much to have it fixed. This is the only other one I have heard about except for mine. Good luck!

are you sure the shifter isnt rubbing the ignition cover? also maybe there is alot of stiction(this is a wild guess lol :)) from the seal on the shift shaft?

I noticed a problem with my WR clutches too. They were sticking and wouldn't let me hit 6th gear. :) Oh wait ,it only has 5 gears !! DARN !! I sure can tell I rode a DR435 for years. I am missing my 6th gear.Although I raced my brother who was riding my DR435 and he was ahead of me than I just strolled right up next to him and waived than I cracked the throttle a little more and the next thing you know I was about 10 bike lengths infront of him before I let off the gas !! :D :D

The first thing I did was verify it wasn't hitting the side cover. Not sure about the seal but the service manager said something was slightly misaligned internally that needed adjustment. He said he had seen similar problems on other bikes in the past.

My friend took the bike in to the yamaha shop today and they felt there is a problem. Has appt. to bring back next week for repairs, I would think that it should not be a big deal. Thanks for your respones and I passed on the info.

can you tell me what they adjusted?

I've had the same problem, but very intermittently. It's out of warranty (and only 50 miles on it so far, bummer) , so please let us know what they do to fix it.

The service order didn't say what they did to repair the issue. When I dropped it off at the dealer the service manager knew right away what it was and told me he had seen the same issue on other bikes previously. Something to do with the misalignment of the shifting mechanism is what he told me. No parts were needed and it's been working like a champ since. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help... :)

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