Countershaft sprocket sizes

Im running my bike in D/s trim, 15-45gearing but the bottom-end for playing in the dunes is not really so great. If i want to put on the 50 at the back, i have to add in more links and its a real mission.

What about smaller front counter-shaft sprockets ?


ie 13-45 should be the same or close to 15-45

12-45 should be good for technical rides or play time.

Spoke to some tuner and he told me that he would not advise that route as the load is far greater in the front with the small sprocket (due to turning faster)

Whats your take on the subject?

You should be fine going to a 14, even a 13. Keep in mind one tooth up front is = I think to about 3.3 teeth on the rear.

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