boyesen - gone too cold ?

Hi gents, after plenty of hot in town runs on my WR supermoto I've switched to Engine ice and Boyesen water pump, now with 81 F outside the highest water temp I've seen today was 171 F and that was in slow traffic, on the road it dropped to around 130, isn't the bike running too cool now ? It runs great and possibly feels stronger ( only judged by power wheeelie capability in second gear), It used to run at 175F on the road and up to 225 in traffic but that felt too hot, the temp sensor is mounted on top hose of left radiator

Good to see some real world numbers with the boyesen water pump.

I don't have a sensor but I know I went from boiling on certain gnarly trails without it to no boiling with the boyesen.

come on, where are all riders with Trail Tech speedos?

I don't have any numbers, but I just put the boyesen pump on my 01 WR426 as well as some fluidyne radiators....REALLY cool running now. It was pricey, but in the long run I think they will pay themselves off many times over!

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