My battery wouldn;t last more than 5 secs on a start. I took it back for a recharge and load test. Checked ok right after the recharge. It sat at the dealer for a few days, and i had them check it when i picked it up. It was down 50% so they are replacing it under warranty.

Probably needs some jetting work. it actually starts better when I kick it than e-start.

There was some talk of Yamaha replacing the battery with a different brand/model. I would be interested to see what they replace yours with.

You dont need an auto clutch with the auto decompression feature on the WR450. This is the best thumper set up I have seen. It rides like a 2 stroke and rear wheel bump starts very easily. I have a blast with this feature. :)

You dont need an auto clutch with the auto decompression feature on the WR450.


Not quite sure what you're getting at here. The clutch has nothing to do with the auto-decomp. I have an auto-clutch and use the auto-decomp every time I start the bike. :)


I've owned many bikes over the years (all brands). My WR450 is the best bike I've ever ridden, period... Did you say the bike vibrates? Dude, I say you set your bike up with the right jets for your altitude and then you can say you're sorry for making such stupid claims to a bunch of WR owners in their forum.... give me a break........

PS, Do you always talk about yourself as a third person?

I was having the battery problem. I put a charger on it and it said the battery was fully charged.

Polished the connections with a wire wheel and Dremel.

Works great now.


You guys are un F*&$ing believable,

I was seriously considering buying a WR450. But if you guys are going to be my peer group, I think I'll wait for the CRF450X. I'd hate to have to ask any of you a question.

Look, this is a bike that everyone was anxiously awaiting it's arrival, but unfortunately it showed up with some reliability issues. Oh well, first year stuff (no biggie). Now all of you are so damn sensitive and defensive to anyone who has a problem it's rediculous.

Didn't anyone learn their lesson with TT member Claudacio? He's the guy who's WR450 blew up the first two times he had it out. You guys called him everything from a Troll to a piece of crap. You guys stopped just short of insulting his mother. Then the guy provided proof and you all ended up apologizing to him.

To guy from New Zealand who called him a Troll and to the guy who asked if he always refers to himself in the third person,

Do you guys have any idea who this guy is? EFM is the name of the company. They design and manufacture the "No Stall Auto Clutch" How many of you could build your own auto clutch.............Yeah, that's what I thought. So, my guess is he knows a little bit about bikes. Probably a lot more than most of us. Did he come on here and try to sell you on his product? NO, he just came on here to ask some questions and get some help.

To answer your next question. No, I don't work for them, I don't know any of them and I don't even have one of their clutches. I'm just tired of you guys slamming anyone who has a problem with the beloved WR.

Lighten up, all bike have issues.

You are right the Yamaha has issues......what we don't need more of around here is owners with issues.

Do us all a favor and buy the Honda :)

I think a lot of us are just tired of people coming over here and stirring up S**T.I think we have been on the recieving end of alot of flaming from BOGUS posts.I think most guys are defensive because of that very FACT.Maybe we should lighten up a bit,after all a bike is just a bike.I personally just like motorcycles PERIOD.

PEACE.There are too many things going on in this world to get shook up over our PLAY TOYS. :)

Wow this post is harsh today. Anyway I have owned the thumpers since 98. I work at a yamaha dealership. Been there for twelve years. This is the first time I have seen a bike so unprepared. :D :D Kind of upsetting. It just needs alittle massaging. On my wr the sifter leaver sticks also and about 4 of my other buddies too. The tech is suppose to get back to me. I took it out and polished the shaft and haven't had a problem since. :D. The bikes I think are great but everyting is new. If it was like the old wrs they would still be an old 98 with no updates.This production was rushed I think. :) well good luck love mine. :D :D :D

First of all. I agree with KS. We do not need to be so abusive sometimes and paranoid of trolls or whatever. If someone continues to be argumentative then bite back. People are trying to get honest answers here, including myself. Don't be so defensive right out of the shoot. Just because one guy rubbed you the wrong way doesn't mean you have to bite everyone's head off. And having to go through some gang intiation first is B.S. Second, to answer the original question. My WR450 is awesome! I haven't touched the flywheel. All I have done is bolt on mods and it runs great with stock jetting down here at sea level. It starts, idles, shifts and runs great. Want exhaust performance without the noise? Get a GYT-r insert. It's a good compromise. Vibration? Get your jetting right and then try some Pro-Grip Gel grips. I love mine.

Moon, what are you Miss Manners?

if my bike had that many problems Id run it through the front window where I bought it! I love mine no problems at all! take it to the dealer they should make it right.

I didn't have any anger when I wrote my reply, and I have none..... I just think there are some members of TT that make claims that are not always factual. You have to understand when someone basically calls the bike that you own "the worst or possibly the worst" you're gonna get some disagreements... I'm not mad, but if you're someone that starts posts like this you should be prepared to hear different opinions....

As far as EFM, now that you mention it I am aware that they make some trick stuff.. Why would a company like EFM (who makes aftermarket products bikes) bash a certain bike? That doesn't make alot of sence to me.... :) Maybe he bought Cladios (s?) bike that has blown up twice... and just doesn't run right...

As far as the guy who's gonna buy a CRF450X, you're really not going to buy that bike because of TT are you?? That's just silly..... We're all just a little tired of all the ladies complaining about the best off road bike made...

Sorry, today I'm just a little tired of being nice to everyone.... :D

This site is just like a tv, if you don't like it TURN IT OFF and go ride.

I had to add one more thing. I changed the jets in my carb when I got the bike and then had a mech. fine tune it at the shop (1 week ago)and my bike starts so easy its unreal. If its cold it may take two kicks,once its warm one half hearted kick is all it takes. The e-start still works well also. I find it funny that the guy at the local Yamaha shop could and should give EFM tips on how to tune bikes. It seems they don't have a clue.

Way to go Dan! We are all behind your response. Thanks for standing up for us TT members.

I agree with Dan

It also takes a bit of common sense to sort minor problems on a bike you dont have to be a Mechanic or rocket scientist

I hate to tell you guys but I am having some of the same problems as efm1990. My battery goes dead just like his for no apparent reason, like after riding 25/30 miles and stop for a breather, rest 2/3 minutes, push the button and the solenoid just rattles. Easy kick and then I'm gone.

Yes on my ride on Sunday I noticed that the shifter will stick down and I have to raise it with my toe. NO BIGGIE. Am I gonna give the bike away? I may be old and feeble but I ain't stupid. It is still a better bike than my WR400 was. I will keep it and put up with it's foibles and probably continue to love every minute..



You may have a defective battery or the charging system is not getting juice to the battery. I would get the shifter fixed and you should not have to give your bike away. Don't give up. :)

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