WR250FL: Can you tell me what the dealer did to your bike jetting ? I have had the carb. off 20 times and still have a 1/4 throttle miss. You seem to be one of the few with a WR450 who live in Florida on this site. Thanks

I sent you an e-mail,Jon


I like mine. I charged the battery and it starts just fine. I jetted it (what bike doesn't need jet work?) it runs great. Vibes(???). I have never owned a four-stroke that was easier to kick start (I'm still stunned at how easy it is). As far as it being unprepared, have you looked at an XR650? Or just about any MX bike for that matter. Lighten up guys. The majority of the people who use this site do it for entertainment. If you see a post that offends you, and you want to lash out at the poster, just ask yourself "self, would I still be angry if this poster turned out to be my Mom (to those with Mommy issues, Dad)?" :)

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