is dat normal for a wr 450 to drip oil

hi i just get a wr450 2006 and i notice dat the skid plate a lil bit greasy .s i decide to clean the skid plate .after a couple run i double check and see dat it have oil on it .i check all the screw and they tight .i was wondering if it the copper seal for the drain screw what gone .and it have also a small hole next to the water pump and i notice dat i have a lil bit of coolant comin out this small hole .i was wondering if thec wr 450 have any over float hole for the oil .thanks :thumbsup:

mine doesn't drip oil at all, as to the coolant sounds like your pump seal is calling for replacement

Mate they aaaaall leak a bit...its a feature not a fault.:thumbsup:

Oil yes, Coolant no

The breather tube from the valve cover ends right at the beginning of the flat part of the skidplate on the left (shifter) side of the bike. If that is the side where most of the mung & drool is, that is most likely the problem.:worthy: Seeing as how a Yamaha is neither British or a harley it shouldn't be leaking oil.:thumbsup:


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